Learn All About Agile

Are you ready to learn the basics of agile development? Dive into our guide to learning agile that covers the agile methodology, agile software development and project management, and the various agile techniques available to teams today.

The Agile Methodology
Learn about the history and principles of agile here, including the Agile Manifesto, the 12 agile principles and the variety of software methodologies that embrace agile values and principles.

Agile Software Development
Find out how the various agile principles apply to software development, including delivering high-value software frequently, the idea of collaborative and empowered teams and much more.

Agile Project Management
Discover how agile impacts teams and their roles in working towards a goal. More than just development, agile principles apply to a whole new way of managing projects.

Agile Techniques
Explore common agile techniques such as user stories, story points and task boards, and find out how many of the agile techniques that exist today originated from various methodologies in the past.