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About the Course

Learn the essentials of test-driven development, refactoring and pair programming in this four-hour, fast-paced and engaging video course recorded as a live workshop. 

Agile coach and trainer, Bryan Beecham, teaches the basics of these software engineering concepts with the use of building blocks, demonstrations and hands-on practice.

Learn the importance of creating failing tests, making them pass and refactoring your code. This workshop provides an easy introduction to TDD, refactoring and pair programming for everyone, regardless of their experience level.

What You'll Learn

  • History of extreme programming (XP) 
  • Writing unit tests 
  • Benefits of the test-first approach 
  • Interactive demonstrations with building bricks 
  • What is and what isn't refactoring 
  • How to effectively refactor code 
  • Benefits of pair programming 
  • How to use pair programming everyday

Skill Level: Beginner

About the Instructor

Bryan Beecham is an international speaker, coach, trainer and agile consultant. He’s also a co-organizer of Agile Ottawa and is currently consulting for LeanDog, a company that focuses on software craftsmanship.

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