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It is no secret that Scrum is rapidly gaining momentum as the most popular agile framework primarily because its concepts are simple and they just make sense.

However, this perceived simplicity often gives rise to the false sense that Scrum is a "silver bullet" and trivial to implement.

When the rubber hits the road, the new Scrum team will often find that translating the framework into effective, practical approaches is anything but easy.

This video course focuses on a wide selection of tactics, tools and tips that teams can employ to ensure that their Scrum activities run as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The Applied Scrum Activities course will offer real-world approaches and tips as they pertain to a range of Scrum activities.

This course covers topics such as:

  • How to run effective estimation sessions
  • How to implement an efficient sprint planning session to ensure a realistic sprint backlog
  • How to avoid your daily scrums going off on wild tangents
  • How to keep sprint reviews and retrospectives energetic and fresh
  • How to track and control a Sprint’s progress (especially as it gets impacted by a range of impediments)
  • How to best generate the definition of done

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