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About the Course

While many teams utilize Scrum satisfactorily, very few have Scrum working to its full potential. Similarly, while there are many good Scrum Masters, there are few great ones. 

But you can join their ranks by following the guidance of one of the leading Scrum thinkers in the world, and one of the few to hold both the Certified Scrum Trainer and Certified Scrum Coach designation, Geoff Watts, as he explores the characteristics that great Scrum Masters need to develop.

In this course, you’ll explore what it takes to MASTER the craft of being a Scrum Master. The most exciting part is the practical guidance Geoff offers to support you on your own path to greatness.

This course will help you become more:  

  • Respected
  • Enabling
  • Tactful
  • Resourceful
  • Alternative
  • Inspiring
  • Nurturing
  • Empathic
  • Disruptive

Through more than three hours of video training, broken up into nine shorter sections, each chapter is an interactive video experience with Geoff and includes short quizzes at the end to ensure you’re absorbing the information you need to develop into a great Scrum Master.

In addition to learning the skills and characteristics of a great Scrum Master, you’ll also discover:

✓ How to generate, maintain and increase engagement from your team

✓ How to increase the effectiveness of Scrum meetings, such as retrospectives and daily scrums

✓ How to foster a more creative and collaborative team

✓ How to increase the performance of your team

✓ How to know when you are a successful Scrum Master


1. Download AND Stream the Scrum Mastery course

Now not only will you be able to watch the course via streaming, you will also be able to download the videos to watch offline as well. Pop them on your tablet or phone and watch them any time without using up your data or worrying about your connection speed.

2. Transcripts of the Scrum Mastery course

The third new feature is a PDF version of the content so that you can read along with the video or print off for future reference. You can also download a handy PDF of the good to great slogans from the course.

3. Chapter Cheat Sheets 

The final new feature is a PDF “cheat sheet” of each module. These “cheat sheets” will contain the key points and messages from the module along with some tips for you to try out and any references for you to look up.


Anyone who works on Scrum projects can benefit from this course, but it was developed with practicing Scrum Masters in mind.

This is the course that’ll allow you to advance your skills to become a supremely effective servant-leader. And this is the material you need to master in order to take your teams to a higher performance level and help them achieve the ultimate in productivity and efficiency.

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