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About the Course

The vast majority of enterprise Agile transformations are failing. The few that are not often focus on the wrong things. This course is here to help you become the small majority who actually succeed in this desperately complex space.

This course is designed to give you sufficient tools and ideas to challenge your current organizational change approach and help you and your colleagues take control and guide it to success. If you haven’t started, this course can over some great advice on common pitfalls to avoid.

Make no mistake, there is no real Agile transformation cookbook, but if we are aware of some common patterns and anti-patterns out in industry today, maybe we can use that information appropriately to help us transform our own world of work.

In this course you will get instant access to 10 major success factors in change from world famous Agile Coach Nigel Baker.  This has been AgileBear’s secret intellectual property that has been successfully used over the last decade, and finally we have decided to share it publically for the first time for all to use.

BTW, this video is AGILE. If there is a topic or content that you believe needs expanding or explaining further, contact us. We will be updating this video periodically. This video will not remain static and unchanging like a book!

Topics Covered

Enterprise Change Coalition. Many organizations do not lead their change, but are lead by their change. This chapter addresses this.

The Coaching Team. The coaches needed to help support the change, will need to work as a team.

Coaching Hints and Tips. There are some common anti-patterns and patterns in coaching teams. Here is some some simple advice to help.

Embedded Agile Coaches. Embedding Coaches into organizations is a common change pattern. Here we discuss the pros and cons of such an approach.

ScrumMasters. The overlooked part of many agile transformations.

The AgileBerg is Melting: Kotter Change Tips. For decades, there are have been some common errors made by organizations when they attempt to change. Here is some of John Kotters famous advice, with a agile slant to proceedings.

Becoming Agile with Scrum. Change is a highly complex problem space, and we need to approach it appropriately. Chaos or Waterfall will not work. I wonder what would….

Know Thyself. Knowing your weight before you start a diet is essential. Knowing how to weight yourself is also critical. This video is all about understanding yourself before you begin your change and as you undergo it.

The Secret. There is one thing that many coaches do not mention when a change begins. I will mention it here. You may not like to hear this…

Scrumbrella: Large Agile and Scaled Scrum. Whilst scaling is a huge topic in the Agile space, (and a area that would require dozens of videos!), we touch upon in this section a few of the vital success factors that must be taken into account when running big agile development.

Pub Quiz. Finally, we have a bit of a fun test for you, to challenge your retention and knowledge of the above training. Only watch this video at the end – With pen and paper in hand!

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is designed for coaches and leaders of agile organisational change in Enterprises such as ScrumMasters, managers, organisational leaders, CTOs and of course Agile Coaches of any level. This course expects a level of pre-existing Agile knowledge around Certified ScrumMaster or equivalent.

This video is a distillation of over twelve years working in Enterprise Agile Transformations, and is essential for anyone working in that space today. Add it to your basket today!