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In this class, you and your team will access enough information to baseline everyone, and let you get going with Scrum and agile. Learn what it means to be agile, what Scrum is and how it is agile, the roles and the meetings in Scrum, and the underpinnings and requirements of Scrum.

In the videos, I incorporate my usual engaging style with lots of examples and stories. We’ve created an accompanying handout to give you some walk away notes and resources to dive in deeper on the points that interest you in particular. Also, this video could be used with teams or management to help get everyone on the same page about what it means to be agile and implement Scrum.

Students will fill in blanks and diagrams on the handout, as well as complete several application exercises throughout the course. The video run time is 70 minutes. If students do all the exercises, they should be able to finish in less than two hours.

We're going to cover all this and more in a one-hour baseline overview that I hope is something that gives you a good sense of what agile is, what it means to be agile, and how we do Scrum -- not just for you, but also hopefully for teams as well, to iron out some of the problems that you might face going forward.

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