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About the Course

Implementing agile is a huge organizational change, and is difficult to achieve in today’s complex organization. That’s why you need the guidance that comes from an instructor who has helped teams successfully implement agile across diverse organizations and projects. 

Jason Little’s “Agile Transformation” video course will show you a four-step model to help shape your organization’s path to business agility. In addition, Jason teaches you how to leverage the “Lean Startup” method, even if your organization is not a startup.

What You'll Learn

  • A quick history of agile  
  • The business objective for bringing agile into an organization
  • How to educate others about agile
  • Various options for bringing agile into an organization
  • Understanding retrospectives as the most important aspect of any organizational change 

Who Should Take This Course?

Agile is more than just a process – it is also a mindset. This course is for anyone interested in introducing agile into their organization.

About the Instructor

Jason Little, Scrum Master. Jason Little has been in the software industry since 1996 and has been helping organizations adopt agile practices since 2007 as a Scrum Master, product owner and coach. 

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