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About the Course

The Smart Approach to Agile Release Planning

Let’s face it: Things don’t always go as we expect them to when adopting agile processes. With new roles and new ways of looking at things, sometimes it can be difficult for teams and organizations to adjust.

Agile planning in particular differs dramatically from traditional planning, but is crucial to being agile and vital to launching releases.

If you’ve ever wondered how agile teams plan, this course is for you. And if you’re looking for ways to build large-scale projects using agile techniques, look no further.

Agile Release Planning features six video chapters with 16 individual lessons – each taking a detailed look at the most common challenges and opportunities in release planning.

Led by instructor Jeremy Jarrell – a highly rated speaker, agile educator and agile coach – you’ll gain tips you can start applying right away.

What You'll Learn

You will learn:

  • How traditional planning and agile planning differs, and how to start adopting a more agile mindset.
  • How to develop a focused vision for your projects and products, including creating a vision board and learning proven techniques to cultivate concepts.
  • Tactics for building a roadmap to your goal and important things to consider in the first release and all future releases.
  • Ways to plan the release, including how to develop a release grid and prioritize features well.
  • How to build the product backlog by looking through the lens of DEEP, and constructing effective sprint plans now and far into the future.
  • Methods to keep plans on track when things just don’t go as you expect.

Who Should Take This Course?

This course is right for you if:

  • You’re a Scrum Master who wants to help your team think beyond just the next sprint.
  • You’re a product owner who wants a better way to describe how your product will grow and evolve through its lifetime.
  • You’re a developer who wants to help your team plan for tomorrow so they can deliver great software today.

What You Get

Added benefits include:

  • 1 SEU and 1 PDU when you buy this course, so you can get in your continuing education requirements while you watch.
  • Self-paced learning anywhere, anytime – be it your mobile device or laptop.
  • Quizzes to facilitate learning and the ability to discuss course ideas with other students via the Front Row Agile discussions forum.

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